About Section

This section says a few things about the app and mentions other freelancers who have helped me make this app. Apart from this information the About Section mentions ways to reach me and this website for any more help that that is required. Below is the gist for this section.

About App Version

This section lets you know the app version you are running in your cellphone. This is specially helpful to report a problem back for me further debugging as different users could possibly have different versions of the software.

Review and Rating link

Touching this option takes you to the Google Play Store for providing your feedback and rating for the application.

Please do take a moment to provide a feedback. It motivates me to provide continuous improvements and updates.

Website link

If you ever need to get to this website for any help or user manual you can touch on this option. This will get you to the home page of this website.

Help pages

This will get you to the FAQ pages of the app where questions posted by users have been answered.

Feedback link

This link will open the default email app in your device so that you can provide me with any issues concerns and new feature request.

NB: There is certain amount of app information captured at the end of the email and does not contain any personally identifiable information. Please do not remove this when sending the email

Privacy Policy Link

This is the privacy policy for the app. Clicking this link will get you the privacy policy on this website.

Credits to other freelancers

This link will get you back to this website which lists out the other freelancers that have helped to get this application live.

Share App

And finally if you really like the app and would like to share it in your friend circle and WhatsApp groups please click this link. This link will allow you to share the app link in the other social apps installed on your device.