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Spirituality is a sense of peace and giving a deeper meaning to life. As we understand in a wider concept it is a connection with something bigger than ourselves – the Universe, God, Inner true being. It bring out the most natural powerful form of yourself. The way we express our spirituality is shaped by our personal social and cultural experiences. In any part of the world, in all spiritual traditions, from Buddhist, American to Hindu tradition, we all believe that there is divine consciousness within us. We adopt different means of connection with this supreme power by confessions, prayers, japas, or thanksgiving etc.

Here are a few articles where I have tried to express my thoughts and vision.

Our Holy Shravan

The auspicious month of Shravan is the month when Shivji walks amongst us. Read all about it in this 2 minute article.

Change is the only Constant

“Change is the only constant” is a popular quote that has been attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus. The phrase highlights the idea that change is a constant part of life and that everything is in a state of flux. This concept is relevant to all aspects of life, from personal relationships and career …

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Generation Gap

The generation gap refers to the differences in beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors between people of different age groups. Typically, we use the term to describe the differences between older and younger generations. But it can also refer to the differences between any two age groups. One of the main causes of the generation gap …

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What is Culture ?

What is Culture ? Culture is an agreed pattern of behaviour of a group of people in a particular society; community and even a country. We are already aware of the various cultures followed in various parts of our globe which makes them unique. For eg.  We use terms like Western or Indian culture etc. So …

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Fate Vs Destiny

We often use these terms in our everyday lives but get confused with both the terminologies. It means the same is what we think. So let’s see the meaning and difference between the two. In simple words ‘Fate’ is our present and ‘Destiny’ our future. We cannot control or change Fate. It is concrete and …

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Karma Quotes

Here is a collection of the best Karma Quotes that we have collected. Please feel free to add more quotes to this page via the comment section below. The quote will be published in the main section 1. “What you plant, you harvest; such are the fields of karma.” 2. “The way people treat you …

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What is the meaning of karma? ” Karma ” is a Sanskrit word meaning action. It means all our actions and deeds and the outcome of these deeds. Whatever you are sowing by means of these deeds you will reap the outcome accordingly. It is the cause and effect of everything that you do knowingly …

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Prayer: Communication with God

What is prayer? Prayer in an integral part of all religions across the world. It is a form of devotional service and communication with God. When we say our daily prayers we are expressing our commitment and devotion to this supreme power. It is a way to relate to, and creating a rapport with an …

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108 – The Magic Number

Why is 108 sacred and auspicious number? Why do we always wonder about chanting our prayer mantra 108 times? Why are our jap malas made of 108 beads? History Well, we all know that 108 is a and sacred number. The Vedic culture describes this number as the wholeness of existence. This auspicious and sacred …

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