The “Today” tab in the app is your digital mala for keeping track of your 108 counts. This interface is all you need to recite your prayers on a daily basis.

Below are several short post with images describing the functionality for this tab to get you started.

Do let me know if in doubt from the Contact Us page and I will be happy to help you out.

Mantra Verse

Many of us have a few lines of a mantra that we need to recite everyday. These lines can sometimes be a bit of challenge to remember when starting out with the prayer. The app now provides a facility to enter those few lines of a mantra verse or a beej mantra that will be …

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Target Count

Many of us have a certain target count or a focused goal to complete with the mantras that we recite. This could be a daily count that needs to be completed, a weekly goal that we need to adhere to or a set number of times that we need to recite our mantras. A target …

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Mala Counter

This is the heart of the application or rather the digital mala that you carry around with you where ever you go. Features The mala counter is ergonomically designed and placed in the center of the device. In fact it will always be in the center, irrespective of the device you are using It has …

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Reset Menu

The onscreen reset menu is useful for resetting your counters. The reset can be for all counters or specific counter only. Below is a detailed explanation regarding the reset of counters and how the counter table displays the the counters when reset is done. Following are the reset options which are then explained in detail …

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Counter Table Explained

The Counter Table is a simple table having 4 values. These values indicate the counts of the japa mala. Today : This counter indicates the number of times you have tapped in the Mala counter. The count in “Today” will be the same as the count in the digital counter. Please note that the “Today” …

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