Below is a brief history or a change-log of the app features that have been added based on various user inputs received. This has made the app much more user friendly and convenient to use.

v1.9.0 12-Oct-2021

  • Feature: The long awaited feature for back and restore of your history count. Using this feature you can take your count across your devices or easily switch to a new device. Your history count will be stored in your own Google Drive and only you will have access to this data.
  • A number of bug fixes from the previous version
  • Android Library updates
  • Android Security updates

v1.8.0 18-June-2021

  • Feature: This release now gives the feature to delete or clean out the history table. A button on the bottom of the history table when long pressed will delete the entire table and refresh the application. Please note that there is no other confirmation to delete the history table but just a long click.
  • Android Library updates
  • Security Updates

v1.7.5 28-May-2021

  • A number of Android Library updates
  • Security updates
  • UI Enhancements
  • Bug fixes

v1.7.1 28-March-2021

  • Android Security Updates
  • Android Library Updates
  • Bug fixes

v1.7.0 10-Feb-2021

  • Feature: Now the start date and time will also be recorded along with the end the date and time. This start date and time will be visible in the history table of the History tab.
  • Android library updates

v1.6.5 21-Jan-2021

  • Update: For entering the mantra text added a character count for showing how many characters have been entered. This is an update to Mantra Verse feature
  • Bug fixes

v1.6.2 20-Dec-2020

  • Android library updates
  • Bug fixes

v1.6.0 17-Dec-2020

v1.5.3 14-Oct-2020

  • Android library updates
  • Bug fixes

v1.5.2 04-Oct-2020

  • Updated app to new version of Android R
  • Security updates from Google

v1.4.4 09-June-2020

  • Security Updates
  • Bug Fixes

v1.4.3 23-May-2020

  • Feature: Automatically put the phone in DND mode when you start chanting
  • Android Library updates

v1.3.3 01-Feb-2020

  • Feature: Added the dark theme mode as mandated by Google
  • Library updates

v1.2.2 02-Aug-2019

  • Updated Android libraries to work with the latest version of Android Q
  • Visual enhancements
  • Bug fixes

v1.1.9 18-March-2019

  • Feature: The app now supports Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati. This support is based on the default language of the smartphone
  • Update: Added “No Vibration” option to the list
  • Minor enhancements

v1.1.7 20-Feb-2019

  • Feature: Enhanced notifications so that you can dismiss them or re-emind after a given time (snooze)
  • Feature: Based on user request added a temple bell sound on completing one cycle of 108 count
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Android Library updates

v1.1.4 11-Jan-2019

  • Feature: Added notifications which will remind us of missed prayers
  • Android Library updates
  • Bug fixes

v1.0 23-Nov-2018