Missed Prayer Notification

You are expected to pray at least once a day at what ever time of the day it is feasible for you. This functionality of “Notify me of missed prayer” sends you a small reminder notification, reminding you to recite your prayers.

Notify & Snooze Settings

The image along side shows the Settings tab for “Notify me of missed prayers” & “Snooze Prayer Notification for (Minutes)” and both these go hand in hand

Notification Settings

Notify Options

From the “Settings” tab click on the “Notify me of missed prayers” to bring the popup as shown in the image alongside.

This popup gives the number of days you would like to be reminded in for reciting your prayers. You could choose from reminding you every day to reminding you once every 5 days. Or you may choose to completely switch off any reminders or notifications.

System Notification

This reminder will popup in your system notification area. This is a small reminder that will remind based on the above setting you have done. If the setting was done for “every 1 day” then then the reminder will be set for the next day. Time is set for around the same time as to when you finished reciting your prayers today. Same is the case for other reminder settings also.

There is no specific date and time that you can set in the app so as to be reminded off for reciting your prayers. The date is set based on the above setting and the time is set based on what time you have last finished your prayers.

Notification Snooze Settings

In the above image there is a “Snooze”option. This option has been provided to remind you again after a specific time to say your prayers. This comes handy when you are in the middle of something important and need a few more minutes to finish the work at hand. The “Snooze” option can be used multiple times. The time is predefined from the settings page as explained below.

For setting the “Snooze” time once again go back to the settings tab and click on the option for “Snooze Prayer Notification for (Minutes)”.

On the ensuing dialog box enter the time after which you wish to be reminded of for reciting your prayers. The valid values are from 1 minute to 99 minutes. This will snooze the prayer recital reminder to what value you set here.