Delete History Table

There are many a times in life we must have felt that “I wish I could delete my past and start all over again”. Unfortunately life does not give us that chance. And the same was the “Prayer Counter” app until now. There was no feature in the app where we could delete the past …

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Mantra Verse

Many of us have a few lines of a mantra that we need to recite everyday. These lines can sometimes be a bit of challenge to remember when starting out with the prayer. The app now provides a facility to enter those few lines of a mantra verse or a beej mantra that will be …

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Prayer: Communication with God

What is prayer? Prayer in an integral part of all religions across the world. It is a form of devotional service and communication with God. When we say our daily prayers we are expressing our commitment and devotion to this supreme power. It is a way to relate to, and creating a rapport with an …

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