The Mystical Rudraksha (Blueberry Beads)

Rudraksha also popularly known as Blueberry Beads is a seed from the tree “Elaeocarpus ganitrus“. These trees grow at the foothills of the Himalayas of the Gangetic plains of India and Nepal, South East Asia and Hawaii. These seeds are covered with a blue husk when they are completely ripe hence the name Blueberry beads. The most common ones found in India and Nepal are between 4 to 6 faces.


According the Shiv Purana, Rudraksha tree grew from the tears of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva had been in meditation for many years with his eyes closed. When he opened his eyes drops of tears fell on the ground. These tears took the form of seeds and grew into Rudraksha trees. Hence these beads are considered sacred having spiritual powers.

There are various types of Rudrakshas ranging from single face to 21 faces called as ‘mukhis‘. The number of mukhi on the seeds are used for different purposes. Each of them have different benefits depending on the number of faces it has. A rudraksha with well defined mukhis should be worn after its proper purification and ritual.The beads are conditioned before wearing and is usually worn on Mondays, the day dedicated to Lord Shiva. The rarest amongst these are the ones with a single face.

Popular Types of Rudraksha & Their Benefits

All types of rudraksha beads have scientific properties which help in healing of the human body including lowering stress levels and anxiety. The different variety of beads with different number of faces have specifically assigned benefits.

Panch mukhi rudraksha

From our ancient scriptures we learn that panch mukhi rudraksha is the favorite of Lord Shiva and hence is most auspicious. Adults and children, all can wear this most popular bead. It brings peace of mind and power to the wearer. The rudraksha bead decreases the negative energy of planets and empowers the mind with confidence. The students wear it to develop wisdom and intellect.

Single Mukhi Rudraksha

Single mukhi rudraksha are very rare and powerful beads. As it is blessed by Lord Shiva it wears off all the sins. It enhances knowledge and overcomes lack of confidence. It also improves concentration and memory and brings clarity in thoughts. If guides and manifests your deepest longings.

Gauri Shankar Mukhi

The Gauri Shankar Rudraksha represents Shiva and Parvati in a unified form. This bead is considered the best to bring peace in the family. It is most powerful in bringing spiritual wholeness. It brings harmony and abundance to the wearer of this bead.


The eleven mukhi rudraksha represents Lord Hanuman. The wearer of this type of bead becomes fearless, gains self confidence and courage. It protects from unforeseen accidents of all types.

The rudraksha mala is made up of 108+1 beads strung together in a silk or cotton thread. While doing mantras or japas, it is always beneficial to do so 108 times, as this number is sacred in our culture. The 5 mukhi rudaraksha mala is used for japa mala for prayer counter as it symbolizes the 5 forms of Shiva named ‘Kalangi Rudra’. There is scientific and mathematical explanation in astronomy that these beads bring harmony with the vibrations in the universe. It also shields one against negative energies.


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  1. Very informative, Neha. Never knew that there are so many types of rudraksha and the distinguishing feature is the number of faces. Would appreciate a feedback on why the rudraksha mala has 108+1 beads. Normally the jap is to be done by chanting the name of diety or mantras 108 times.
    Will look forward to more such articles on prayercounter.

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