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Backup and Restore

All apps that generate content should ideally have a way to manually or automatically backup data for their users. They should also be able to restore the content on demand so that one never looses their work. Same is the case with this simple app where we are generating historical content for our daily japas. …

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What is Culture ?

What is Culture ? Culture is an agreed pattern of behaviour of a group of people in a particular society; community and even a country. We are already aware of the various cultures followed in various parts of our globe which makes them unique. For eg.  We use terms like Western or Indian culture etc. So …

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What is the meaning of karma? ” Karma ” is a Sanskrit word meaning action. It means all our actions and deeds and the outcome of these deeds. Whatever you are sowing by means of these deeds you will reap the outcome accordingly. It is the cause and effect of everything that you do knowingly …

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Prayer: Communication with God

What is prayer? Prayer in an integral part of all religions across the world. It is a form of devotional service and communication with God. When we say our daily prayers we are expressing our commitment and devotion to this supreme power. It is a way to relate to, and creating a rapport with an …

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108 – The Magic Number

Why is 108 sacred and auspicious number? Why do we always wonder about chanting our prayer mantra 108 times? Why are our jap malas made of 108 beads? History Well, we all know that 108 is a and sacred number. The Vedic culture describes this number as the wholeness of existence. This auspicious and sacred …

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