What is Culture ?

What is Culture ?

Culture is an agreed pattern of behaviour of a group of people in a particular society; community and even a country. We are already aware of the various cultures followed in various parts of our globe which makes them unique. For eg.  We use terms like Western or Indian culture etc. So what is it that we are trying to refer to? With passing time, humans collectively started using specific sets of customs, beliefs, rituals which we term as culture. Following one particular one gives a feeling of belonging and satisfaction in a specific society. Cultures are learned and adapted that bind people in our  human society. It helps to maintain the well-being of individuals & societies. It is a way of life of a large collective group of people including their values and habits. They follow it without much thought over it and without questioning. Culture is also termed as a tradition which is followed and passed on from one generation to the next.

There is no set standard in following a particular culture. Different cultural communities act and behave differently. However, there could be cultural differences when different societies and groups with different cultures interact with each other. 

Importance and Understanding

We need to understand our own culture in order to understand others. There are diverse cultures and each have their own set of rules, beliefs and thoughts. We will be able to accept and respect other’s  beliefs and cultures only if we understand our own. As we move forward in our lives it is necessary to remember from where we came, our roots and our background.

As humans, we always crave for identity and our unique cultural roots of customs and traditions play a major role in shaping our lives and morals.

Culture and its influence

Culture influences our act in society. It teaches us about the way we eat, dress, communicate and behave. But there are no limitations to it. One can follow and even adapt different cultures, customs and traditions depending on their location. For eg. Americans celebrate’ Thanksgiving ‘. If you are an Indian, African or a Japanese and have moved to USA, you are likely to celebrate Thanksgiving. It  is a national holiday and a major event that is celebrated by most families in the States. Therefore, by understanding our own Culture we are able to accept and respect other’s practices and customs. It influences us in ways that we may not even be aware of. It helps us to see the world through the other person’s perspective.


Our Cultural heritage gives a better understanding of history and knowledge. It builds confidence in our social activities and holds the society together. We can conclude by stating the Culture is the backbone of our society and gives us a feeling of belonging to our society, community & nation in a broader sense.


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