Karma Quotes

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1. “What you plant, you harvest; such are the fields of karma.”

2. “The way people treat you is their karma. How you react to the way people treat you is your karma.”

3. “Everything that we do plants a seed in our deepest subconscious. Someday, that seed will grow.”

4. “Always be honest in life. Like karma, that honesty will make its way back to you.”

5. “Be kind to other people, even if they aren’t kind to you. Spread love, even if you don’t get love in return. Help others, even if there’s no one to help you. What you give, you receive. That is the law of karma.”

6. “Don’t waste all of your time and energy on getting revenge. Those who hurt you will face their own karma eventually, so let the negativity go.”

7. “Someday, karma will find you and punch you in the face. I hope that I’m there – just in case it needs some help.”

8. “Nothing in life ever happens by chance. You carry your own destiny through the actions you take. That’s how karma works.”

9. “Do something kind and good today. In the future, you will get repaid with kindness and goodness.”

10. “Before you set off on your journey for revenge, remember to dig two graves.”

11. “Men are never punished for their sins, but by their sins.”

12. “Karma is like gravity – it’s so basic, we don’t even notice it.”

13. “The wind and the waves are unseen and seen forces in nature. We have the same elements in our own lives. These unseen and seen forces are karma and free will.”

14. “Goodness creates its own heaven. Sin creates its own hell.”

15. “Every action that we take in our lives touches a chord somewhere that will vibrate into eternity.”

16. “The great thing about free will is that even if you have a gigantic bag of karma, there’s still plenty of free will for all of the new souls coming into this world.”

17. “People pay a price for the things they do, and the things they allow themselves to become.”

18. “What you sow, you shall reap.”

19. “When you meet a good person, think of how you can become like him or her. When you meet someone who is not-so-good, take the time to reflect on your own weaknesses.”

20. “Karma is a really simple concept: an action for an action – be it good or bad.”

21. “Karma can be unforgiving, and it bides its time. You always have to look over your shoulder, because karma always gets payback.”

22. “Treat other people as you wish to be treated. What goes around, comes back around.”

23. “You can’t control the results, but you can control your actions.”

24. “If you do good, then good will follow you throughout life.”

25. “Harming someone because they harmed you will not work in your favor. You always pay for your actions in the end.”

26. “People always ask for the secret to success. Well, I’ve found it: good karma.”

27. “There are no “reset” buttons in life. You can’t take things back, and you can’t undo your actions. Everything that you do has a consequence. The things you say and do today will have a long-term impact on your life. Keep this in mind each time you make a decision.”

28. “Just keep calm and let karma finish the job.”

29. “I hope one day, you choke on all of the trash you talk.”

30. “You create your own thoughts, and your thoughts are what create your intentions. Those intentions are what create your own reality.”

31. “Don’t worry: Karma will fix it!”

32. “Think abundance. Intention attracts energy, which transforms intentions into reality.”

33. “Before you say anything to anyone, consider how you would feel if that person said the same thing to you.”

34. “Hi Karma, I have a long list of people you missed.”

35. “The way you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you as a person.”

36. “Go out and be a nice human being.”

37. “Never let other people’s actions disturb your inner peace.”

38. “All suffering in life is caused by ignorance. People have a bad habit of inflicting pain on others in pursuit of their own satisfaction or happiness.”

39. “Revenge never solves anything. But karma will.”

40. “Always be good to people – no matter what happens in life. Being good is a beautiful legacy to leave behind.”

41. “Find and create what sets your heart on fire, and that passion will illuminate the path in front of you.”

42. “There comes a point when you just have to walk away and let karma take care of the rest.”

43. “Never let anyone walk through your mind with dirty feet.”

44. “The only control you have is your reaction to the things that are out of your control.”

45. “The truest test of character is how you choose to treat people you aren’t forced to be nice to.”

46. “You are free to make any decision you wish. But you are not free from the consequences of that decision.”

47. “An eye for an eye mentality will only make the whole world blind.”

48. “Give out to the world what you most want to come back to you.”

49. “Life isn’t complicated. We get what we give. Every single though we have shapes our future.”

50. “Karma: if you do good things, then good things will come to you.”

51. “Happiness is not pre-made. You can’t buy it, and you can’t find it. It comes from your own actions.”

52. “Live your life with the thought that something wonderful is going to happen. Those thoughts will bring those wonderful things to life.”

53. “Things happen for a reason. It’s called karma. Sometimes, those bad things happen because you make bad decisions.”

54. “I saw that. – Karma.”

55. “You are right where you’re supposed to be in life.”

56. “If you put positive energy out into the universe, you will get positive energy back.”

57. “I’m just going to sit here and laugh as karma slaps you across the face.”

58. “Fighting revenge with revenge will never solve anything.”

59. “Always do your best and treat others kindly. The seeds you plant today, you will harvest in the future.”

60. “Karma has one really wicked sense of humor. Don’t ever forget that.”

61. “Every little thing that you do comes back to you.”

62. “Just remember: karma never loses or forgets an address.”

63. “You might think I’m a fool, but karma isn’t.”

64. “Be wise enough to know the difference between what you’re getting and what you deserve.”

65. “Never treat bad people as bad as they are; treat them as kind and nice as you are.”

66. “Karma can move in two directions. When we act virtuously and from a place of love, we plant a seed that will bloom into happiness. But when we act unvirtuously and out of a place of negativity, the seed blooms into suffering.”

67. “There are people in this world who commit evil deeds, believing that karma does not exist. They justify their actions by claiming that everything is empty and void of consequences. These people create their own endless darkness with no hope of being released from it. But those who are wise will never believe such concepts.”

68. “I truly believe in karma. If we sow goodness, we reap goodness. When you put positive energy out in the world, that positive energy returns to you.”

69. “Karma isn’t just about the troubles you face; it’s also about surmounting them.”

70. “Always treat others with kindness and respect. We are all the same. What you give, you get in return. Karma will get us all at the end of the day.”

71. “When you are kind to others, it creates a beautiful feeling inside. It’s as if your body is telling you “yes, this is what I ought to be doing and how I ought to be feeling.””

72. “The lives we touch – for good or bad – will touch another life and another one after that. Like a ripple, we can never be sure where the pain or the joy from our touch stops.”

73. “What a beautiful thing it is to know that we need not wait even a single moment to change the world. We need only be kind to the next person we see.”

74. “Kindness can solve most of the world’s problems. Just as the sun melts ice, kindness can cause mistrust, misunderstanding and anger to evaporate into thin air.”

75. “You can never do kindness too soon because you never know when it will soon be too late.”

76. “Every living thing on this planet is one. We come from the same source. If you hate another person or living creature, you’re only hating yourself.”

77. “Those who dig ditches fall into them eventually.”

78. “Do good with what you have, or it will do you no good.”

79. “Thoughts create intentions, and intentions transform into actions. Those actions transform into habits, and those habits create your character. Your character is what ultimately creates your destiny.”

80. “Those without thoughts of resentment and anger will find peace.”

81. “No man is more cheated than a man who is selfish.”

82. “Anger causes delusion, which bewilders the mind. All reason is destroyed when the mind is bewildered. When reasoning is destroyed, man is destroyed.”

83. “Follow these three RES: Respect for yourself. Respect for others. Responsibility for your own actions.”

84. “If you want to be happy, be compassionate. If you want others to be happy, be compassionate.”

85. “Peace is impossible if ignorance is your master.”

86. “Never let a small disagreement destroy a great relationship.”

87. “Your life is a reflection of exactly who you are.”

88. “Karma: Serving justice one jerk at a time.”

89. “Every experience you have in life – no matter how bad it is – holds a blessing inside. The trick is to find that blessing.”

90. “Don’t be so quick to judge other people. You may find yourself in their shoes one day.”

91. “I just hope that karma punches you in the face before I do.”

92. “The less you respond to negativity, the happier your life will become.”

93. “Oh I’m sorry – you don’t get to choose what you want from the karma menu. You just get whatever is served to you.”

94. “I really hope that karma is wearing spiked heels when she kicks you in the rear.”

95. “Karma is an excellent judge of character. There’s no hope for you, friend.”

96. “A child seeks out revenge. A mature adult walks away and lets karma do the dirty work.”

97. “Forgive others and their actions. Never give into your urge to hate someone. Let these things go, and set it free. Karma will take care of whatever is meant to be.”

98. “Life is just like an echo: what you send out comes back to you.”

99. “Those who create their own drama really deserve their own karma.”

100. “I just smile, knowing that karma is on its way.”

101. “Take responsibility for the energy you bring into a room.”

102. “Treat people as you would like to be treated. Karma is only a wicked if you are.”

103. “I can rest easy tonight because karma is out there taking care of all the people that treated me badly.”

104. “The way you judge people today, may turn out to be judgments you face tomorrow.”

105. “Karma has an amazing ability to take care of situations. The only thing you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.”

106. “Like a boomerang, karma sends back to you what you put out.”

107. “The past may hold a reward for the innocent. But for those who are treacherous, it will only be a matter of time before their past comes back to deliver what they deserve.”

108. “Every action, no matter how small or large, will eventually return to you. Evil will be returned with evil; good with good.”

109. “The only true belongings that you have are your actions. You can’t escape the consequences of your actions, and they are the ground on which you stand upon.”

110. “Karma: the universe’s way of telling you that you almost got away with it. Almost.”

111. “Don’t envy others who earn material wealth in unscrupulous ways. The wicked always seem to prosper in life, but they will spend the rest of eternity in despair and terror.”

112. “Karma will get back in touch with you when the time comes. Just remember that.”

113. “What happens to you isn’t nearly as important as how you react to what happens.”

114. “Some people pursue happiness while others create it. What you do today will transform into your actions tomorrow.”

115. “Those who anger you, conquer you.”

116. “Motivate yourself or be miserable. You always have a choice between the two whenever you do something in life.”

117. “Don’t act like life is just a dress rehearsal. Live today as if it were your last. Be kind to others, and you will be treated with kindness in return.”

118. “When you judge others, you do not define them. You merely define yourself.”

119. “Our life is whatever our thoughts make it.”

120. “There is no such thing as luck in life. Nothing can ever exist without a cause.”

121. “Bring out the best in others with your actions, and you will bring out the best in yourself.”

122. “We are shaped by the things that we love.”

123. “Be kind to others, for everyone is fighting a battle.”


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