Fate Vs Destiny

We often use these terms in our everyday lives but get confused with both the terminologies. It means the same is what we think. So let’s see the meaning and difference between the two. In simple words ‘Fate’ is our present and ‘Destiny’ our future. We cannot control or change Fate. It is concrete and bound to happen. Destiny is our future and can be changed or predetermined depending on our present. It will depend on what choices you make in the present.

Fate and Destiny are two sides of the same coin


When we are experiencing good things or bad things in our life, it is our fate that is making us face these situations. It is inevitable. We cannot alter it. When we talk about fate we mostly tend to relate to negative emotion and a pessimistic attitude. We use it as a defense mechanism for any misfortune, undesirable events. It is mostly related to negativity. When we cannot control or change a circumstance into our favor, we consider it fate which is bound to happen and is unavoidable.

Fate is something that may be dependent on external factors which are beyond your control. You don’t take responsibility for it. Fate is what occurs in an unknown and uncontrolled way. There is no way to stop it. When things do not happen in our favor or according to our wishes, we comfort ourselves considering the events occurred because of our fate. It gives meaning to our tragedies.


We are master’s of our own destiny. Whatever choices we make today will determine destiny. It is in our control. We can alter it and it is in our hands how we shape it. As destiny is something that depends on our choice, we usually tend to relate it with positivity. We build our destiny on the basis of our will power, courage and hard work. Therefore we can take control of it. Depending on our actions we can shape our destiny into our favor. It comes through with your conscious and alert decisions and is predetermined by what you do. Destiny is what you make by your own choice and doings.


You have ample opportunities to build your destiny by taking control of yourself. You can shape it by designing your actions. Here we can relate to ‘Karma‘! We can say that your destiny is predetermined by your doing which we understand as Karma. It is usually under our own control. Our karma, efforts and our self discipline decides our destiny to a great extent.

We can say that our Karma, Destiny and Fate are all interrelated.


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